Home page has moved to https://scottlerch.github.io/HostsFileEditor.

Development has moved to GitHub at https://github.com/scottlerch/HostsFileEditor

Please submit bugs and features requests at https://github.com/scottlerch/HostsFileEditor/issues

Project Description
Hosts File Editor makes it easy to change your hosts file as well as archive multiple versions for easy retrieval.

Screen Shots
Main editor screen with archive visible on right:

Tray icon with context menu:

Usage Notes
By default the application closes to the tray. To exit completely you must select Exit from the File menu or tray context menu. Also, only one instance of the application is allowed at a time. If you try to open it again it will just activate the previously running instance.

When selecting rows to move, delete, copy, or cut be sure to select the entire row using the row header cell. If no entire rows are selected, cut, copy, paste, and delete apply individually to the selected cells.

Using the filter and sort while editing is quirky. The filter and sort are applied once a cell is edited so your cell may change positions or disappear depending on the current sort and filter.

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